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*A different food and beverage minimum applies to each room rental, depending on the day of the week.


Guacamole $9.50 - serves 3-4

Chicken Floutas $10.50 - serves 3-4

Totopos Nachos $10.50 - serves 4-5

Ceviche $14.50 - serves 2-3

Cheese Quesadillas $10.50 - serves 3-4

Roasted Corn $5.00 - serves 2-3


Serves 2.

Flan - $7

Key Lime Pie - $7

Creme Brulee Cheesecake - $7


Please share as much detail as you can, inluding type of event, age group, desired atmosphere, etc.

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*Total does not include alcohol. Room Minimums will apply if total does not meet minimums. Once we have reviewed your request, you will receive an email from our staff confirming your order and a phone call for payment or to answer any questions.